Play Space for Chorleywood

Funding and the proposal for this project has been agreed and approved by Three Rivers District Council, however planning permission from both Three Rivers District Council and the Secretary of State is still to be applied for. In addition, as landowners, Chorleywood Parish Council have yet to be formally approached to discuss this scheme.

As many of you will be aware TRDC are looking into creating a play space called the Wonder Wood on an area of Chorleywood Common near the station carpark.

Chorleywood Residents Association have asked for a list of frequently asked questions giving an outline of proposals of what can be expected and what will not be provided under the scheme. These are detailed below.

The Parish Council are yet to discuss the issues until the full planning application is available.



The FAQ produced by TRDC headed Chorleywood - Wonder Wood Project and published on it's website with our logo contains the Council's official comments and views on the project.

The document headed "Site 15A facts and more" in circulation which has been produced on the same lines and using the same format is not a Council publication. The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in that document are not those of the Council and belong to the authors/publishers.

Appendix 1 Wildwood UK design concept pdf

Appendix 2 Ecological Impact Assessment pdf

There has been a lot of talk about the natural play space proposed by TRDC for Chorleywood Common. At a meeting of the leisure and wellbeing committee on 5th September TRDC members agreed to:-

  • accept a proposed timetable that included the submission of a planning application; and
  • work in partnership with the Parish Council to produce a natural play space at Site 15A, which complements the Parishes existing play elements, including climbing, rope play and sensory features.

TRDC have been shown the new Wildwood Dens and proposed Nature Trail initiated by the Parish Council, and taken on board the positive feedback from Chorleywood residents about the Wildwood Dens since Village Day. TRDC have also understood the ecological and environmental issues over sites on the Common, and are taking into account the Parish Council Management Plan and Higher Level Stewardship agreements for the Common.

The proposal has moved from Site 15 to site 15A to be close to the Station Car Park, on the south side of the Common in from Shepherds Railway bridge, in an area of secondary woodland and scrub. It is unknown as yet the size and character of the proposed development, how it might be screened and sightlines, safety with being close to the road into the Station car park, ease of access paths and disabled access, impact on nearby residents and the Old Shepherd Pub permissive parking area.

Whilst Officers from both sides have been working to find middle ground and a positive way forward, the Parish Council have yet to discuss the project and are waiting for the formal proposal from TRDC before making comments.

Despite recent publicity the Parish Council have not agreed nor disagreed with the proposal. Once the full details are available the Parish Council along with everyone else will be able to make representation to TRDC during the planning process.

There was an Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Full Council on Tuesday 26th April. The meeting discussed the location of the proposed play area in Chorleywood.

Full Council Agenda (Extraordinary Meeting) - 26th April 2016 pdf Committee Reports pdf

At the Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Full Council on the 26th April 2016, The Council RESOLVED that the Council rejects a play area on Chorleywood Common and respectively suggest that Three Rivers District Council consider a Play area in Chorleywood House Estate.

Play Space Open Meeting Minutes - 23rd February 2016 pdf

Play Space Open Meeting Agenda - 23rd February 2016 pdf

Three Rivers District Council have allocated £100,000 towards a new play space for Chorleywood.

The Parish Council set up a Play Area Advisory Group made up of representatives from:-

  • Chorleywood Mums
  • Chorleywood Residents Association
  • Friends of Chorleywood Common
  • Friends of Chorleywood House Estate
  • Friends of Grovewood
  • District Councillor
  • Parish Councillors

Three sites were identified as being possible sites to locate a play space.

  • Chorleywood House Estate
  • Area 13 on Chorleywood Common
  • Area 15 Chorleywood Common

The group commissioned independent reports:-

  • An environmental survey from the Countryside Management Service
  • A report on safety from the Police
  • A play strategy from officers at Three Rivers District Council

The Council received a number of reports from interested parties and these are listed below.

Chorleywood Common - Site 15

Chorleywood Common - Site 15

Chorleywood House Estate

Chorleywood House Estate

Chorleywood Common - Site 13

Chorleywood Common - Site 13

The Advisory Group then looked at all four sites and agreed a set of criteria, and ranked the sites according to the criteria pdf. These rankings were then weighted against issues raised within the independent reports, to give the best location for a play area in Chorleywood.

Chorleywood House Estate came out as the most favourable area closely followed equally by areas 13 and 15 on Chorleywood Common. Members of the Advisory Group then agreed that the two sites going forward for consideration be the Chorleywood House Estate and Area 13, Chorleywood Common.

Due to the rankings Grovewood has now been removed from the process and the residents have been informed. So what next, there will be a public meeting to be held at the War Memorial Hall on Tuesday 23rd February at 7.30pm. A presentation will be given by Cllr Barbara Green Chairman of the Advisory Committee, and officers from the Police and the Countryside Management Service will be on hand to answer questions relating to their reports.

This will be your opportunity to have your say; we want to know your views.

Following this the Parish Council will call a meeting to discuss all information and evidence from the reports and make recommendation to Three Rivers District Council for consideration.